Indonesia Travel Guide

Indonesia Travel Guide

by Tom Strickland

Absolutely jam packed with recognizable tourist attractions, there is no shortage of sights to be seen and wonders to be had.  

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Currency: 14,600 IDR = 1USD

: Bahasa
Region: Asia
Capital: Jakarta


Our Top 5 Must-Do's

Salt flats

Found on many backpacker’s bucketlists this iconic sight is a must for visitors to Peru. Take a tour through the Incan structures or simply sit up the top and enjoy the panoramic view as the clouds roll in. 


Seen many times on your Instagram feed no doubt, Rainbow Mountain lies in the Andes of Peru. Mountains lit up in various colors as a result of minerals mixing with the sand on the hillside. This sight is a 3 hour drive from Cusco followed by a 6 mile hike to reach the lookout.

surfing indonesia

Located in Paracas 


Things get weird…


If you’re physically capable, and keen for, but new to mountain climbing, Huayna Potosi is a must. The views are outstanding. The natural beauty is beyond anything I’ve witnessed myself so far. The climb is physically demanding but very worth it.

Other Attractions

Located in Paracas National Park these cliffs 

Known as Bolivia’s ‘Prettiest’ City, Sucre offers an alternative to the touristic hub of La Paz. Many travelers will choose to spend a week here to study Spanish due to the low price ($5/hour) and the clarity of the spoken Spanish in Bolivia before they begin their trip across South America.

The resting point of …

Although we do recommend visiting this landmark from the Bolivian side.

Take a few days to explore the pebbled streets of this famous town. Often used by tired backpackers to 

Known as Machu Picchu’s little step brother…

Budget & Costs

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Peruvian Food is all about big flavors and big spices.

If you’re not a fan of carbs though, you’ve come to the wrong place! Expect to have both rice and fries accompanying every meal. 

The local delicacy is Cuy, but make sure you have the stomach for it before you try it. It’s Guinea Pig. 


You can save a lot of money in Peru by using Uber. Use this link for $15 off your first ride. 

Daily Budget

$60-80 AUD / 43-57 USD 

(Note: This is a suggested budget assuming you’re staying in a hostel, eating out a little, cooking most of your meals, and using local transportation. This also depends greatly on the number of tours you do! Using the budget tips below, you can always lower this number. However, if you stay in fancier accommodation or eat out more often, expect this to be higher!)

Money Saving Tips

1. Stick to the Bintangs
Being a predominantly muslim country Indonesia doesn’t have the biggest drinking culture. For that reason you’ll find that wine and spirits can be very expensive to buy. The local beer of choice is Bintang and is by far the cheapest option if you are looking to drink. That is if you don’t count Arak (but stay away from that stuff!)

2. Use the Bus System
Luckily for travelers, transport is very cheap in Bolivia. Using the bus system you can spend around 1USD for an hour of travel.  


3. Save Money on Water.
As is the case with a lot of developing countries, tap water in 99% of the country isn’t safe to drink. If you aren’t travelling with a water bottle with an in-built filter or a steri-pen, then you will end up buying A LOT of water! We found the best option was to buy 1.5L Water bottles from the local corner stores. Try to avoid buying water bottles from restaurants because you will easily pay 2 to 3 times as much. However, most restaurants won’t care if you carry your own.

2. Cook For Yourself
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5. Learn the Language!
We are huge advocates of trying to learn at least a little bit of a language when you visit a country, and luckily for you the local dialect of Bahasa is about as easy to learn as they come. A little bit goes a long way when communicating with the locals, and more often than not just making the effort is enough to buy you some brownie points and score yourself a better deal.

6. Cook For Yourself
Thanks to the large number of markets available throughout Indonesia it can be very easy to buy your own fresh produce and cook for yourself! You will pay no more than the locals do and be able to learn some new Asian recipes. 


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