Free Stock Footage (November)

by cheapishtravels
Haitians Playing soccor

Bumpy Shot from Back Seat of Car
H.264 HD 1920×1080 50p

Cougar Eating Meat through Heavy Foreground
H.264 HD 1920×1080 100p

Flock of Birds Flying in Slow Motion
H.264 HD 1920×1080 100p

Mavic 2 Drone and Volcano
H.264 4k 3840×2160 100p

Kids Playing Soccer in Haiti
H.264 HD 1920×1080 50p

Woman Looking over Mountain Landscape
H.264 HD 1920×1080 50p

If you would like to see and license more of my clips you can find a library of over 4,800 clips that I have available for sale on Stock Footage Sites. You can find them here.

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