New York City FlyNYON Helicopter Tour

Helicopter Tour over New York City – Is it worth it? (FlyNYON)

by cheapishtravels

The NYC Helicopter Tour – Is it worth it??? (with video at the end!)

Let’s get right to the point: YES, IT IS WORTH IT 100%

Here’s why:

As someone who’s lived right by New York City my whole life, I always get asked “what’s there to do in New York?” to which I answer “California might be better”. Just kidding, kind of. Don’t get me wrong, seeing Times Square, the Statue of Liberty, going to the Top of the Rock, Empire State Building, riding the subway, and trying some pizza are all amazing. But they don’t let you truly grasp the feeling of how amazing New York really is. I’ve always struggled with what to recommend to someone visiting, until now. 100% GO ON A HELICOPTER TOUR.

We went on a 30-minute doors-off trip with FlyNYON. You can watch the entire experience in our Vlog. The first thing everyone sees is the price, and yes it is expensive (full price is around 500$ per person). HOWEVER, they almost always have some kind of deal for 40-50% off. And if that fails, they usually have a Groupon available!

Here’s how it went down:

You have to arrive an hour and a half before your actual flight. It’s In New Jersey so you either have to drive or take the train over. If you drive there’s a lot of parking available on site.

Once you get there you have to sign some waivers (unless you signed them before, they’re emailed to you with your confirmation). Then they weigh you in order to figure out the distribution of people **Important! You DO NOT get to choose where to sit on the flight. So if you’re anything like me and are trying to plan the perfect photo, make sure you have ideas from ALL angles since you don’t know where you’ll end up**

They then brief you, dress you, take you on a ten-minute van ride to the choppers, and off you go on a flight of a lifetime. You’re allowed to hang your feet out anytime you’re over the water. It gets really windy so ladies (or anyone with long hair) be ready to have it tied up somehow.

What we saw:

The main highlights of our tour were The Statue of Liberty/Ellis Island, Brooklyn Bridge, George Washington Bridge, Central Park, Empire State Building, Freedom Tower, Hudson River, and just the overall beauty of the city. It was truly a magical experience.

How to capture it:

Your phones are strapped in, as well as yourself, and any camera you choose to bring. They also have cameras in store available to rent. Be ready for any video you take on your phone to be super shaky, so if you’re planning on taking a video we recommend using the DJI OSMO Gimbal for your phone or a Gimbal for your camera. For photos, be sure to have a really high shutter speed (to avoid blur!)

Extras: they have two GoPro mounts available on board. You can purchase these, or if you have your own GoPro and no one has purchased them on your flight, you can actually mount your own GoPro on one.

We actually were trying out the stability of the new GoPro Hero 7 Black and the Sony A7SII , so we did not use a Gimbal on our flight for the videos (the GoPro was mounted on the helicopter). Look for yourself to see if you notice! Here’s the highlight video from our time there! Hope you enjoy!

**For a full list of our camera gear, check out Our Travel Gear HERE**

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