by Tom Strickland


Here at Cheap-ish Travels, we know that traveling can be expensive. So we’ve decided to compile a list of resources that we use on a near-daily basis that help making travel a little bit easier for us. Each item has a discount code attached and should save you money on your next trip.

Disclaimer: Some of the items on this list are affiliate links, which means that we receive a small commission when you redeem these discounts. However, it’s worth noting that everything on this list we are genuine paying customers for and we would only ever recommend products that we use ourselves and think might benefit you too.



Airbnb is becoming increasingly common in most countries and you will often find much nicer properties than at a similar price. We normally use Airbnb for longer stays where it is easy to snag 50% off the regular price.

VALUE: $39 (Sign Up Offer)

Get $25 off your next hotel stay with When we travel we pretty much always use a combination of Airbnb (for longer stays) and Booking (for short stays) to find accommodation. 

VALUE: $25 (Use on Any Booking)



We are big fans of Contiki’s style of travel. They offer group trips for 18-35-year-olds and travel to most of the world. If you are a US Resident you can get 10% off their trips with our exclusive code: CONTIKIPATRICIA

VALUE: Up to $650 Off


We recently visited Machu Picchu with Exploor and couldn’t recommend it highly enough. You can nab an extra $15 off their Macchu Picchu Day Tour using the code: SANTOS15

VALUE: $15

Priority Pass

If you travel as much as us and like the sound of entry to 1300+ VIP airport lounges worldwide, then Priority Pass might before you. It’s definitely pricey but the link below offers 10% off.

VALUE: 10% Off



Everyone has heard of Uber by now, but not nearly enough people use it when they travel. When arriving to a new city we will always use Uber to pay about half the price of a regular taxi. If you are one of the few people that don’t have Uber yet, use this link to get your $15 ride credit.

VALUE: $15


Lyft has been surprisingly common in a lot of the countries we’ve visited and offers a nice alternative to Uber. It seems to be a little bit cheaper than Uber in most cases so we’d recommend giving it a download (if only to cash in the free $5 credit).




TransferWise is the cheapest way I’ve found of converting different currencies. I also use their Borderless Account Card for all of my purchases overseas.

VALUE: ~$15 (Free First Transfer)

Chase Saffire Reserve

If you qualify for the Chase Saffire Reserve card it is one of the best travel hacks available to frequent travelers. They offer $300 a year back in travel-related purchases and allow access to VIP Lounges in most airports. Find out if you qualify here.

VALUE: 50,000 Bonus Points on Sign-up


Skill Share

Skillshare is a great tool for learning/improving any skill. They have excellent courses on photography & videography which are great for beginners. You can try 2 months for free using this link.

VALUE: $30

Music Bed

Music Bed is what I use to license all the music on my YouTube Channel. In my opinion, it offers the best quality of music and greatly influences my style of filmmaking. 

VALUE: 1 Free Month


TunePocket is another great alternative for licensing music for your YouTube Channel. Their ‘pay as you go’ subscription is great if you only plan on making a few videos a month.